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ISTFA 2001 proceedings of the 27th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis: 11-15 November 2001, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society (ASM International, 2001)


- IPFA 2000 Best Paper Award Winner
- Application of Focused Ion Beam System as a Defect Localization and Root
Cause Analysis Tool
- Session 1: Advanced Techniques 1
- X-Ray Tomography of Integrated Circuit Interconnects: Past and Future
- X-ray Nanotomog Raphy (XRMT) Tool for Non-Destructive High-Resolution
Imaging of ICs
- Single Point PICA Probing with an Avalanche Photo-Diode
- Session 2: Advanced Techniques 2
- Comparison of Laser and Emission Based Optical Probe Techniques
- Resistive Interconnection Localization
- Optical Waveform Probing–Strategies for Non-Flipchip Devices and Other
- Advanced LIVA/TIVA Techniques
- Session 3: Packaging
- Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device Technique: 3-D Localization of a
Short Within a Flip Chip Assembly
- Integration of SQUID Microscopy into FA Flow
- Evaluation of alternative Preparation Methods for Failure Analysis at modern
Chip-and Package Technologies
- TDR Analysis of Advanced Microprocessors
- Signal Trace and Power Plane Shorts Fault Isolation Using TDR
- Session 4: Poster Session
- Backside Etch: A New FA Technique for Gate Oxide Pinhole and Si Defect
Identification for Power IC Devices
- Fabrication Of Inexpensive Decapsulation Fixtures for Small or Unique Plastic
- Failure Analysis of Plasma-Induced Submicron CMOS IC Yield Loss by Backside
Photoemission Microscopy
- Failure Types & Analysis In Cu Process Development of Design-Rule 0.18 μm
- TEM Examination of a Specified Site Identified by X-SEM in Microelectronics
Failure Analysis
- Design Debug and Design Fix Verification in a Failure Analysis Lab for a RF/IF
Circuit for Cellular Applications With High Battery Save and Electrostatic
Discharge Leakage: A Case Study
- Self Aligned Contact Wordline-Bitline Shorts in Memory ICs–a Comparative Study
of a Failure Mode, Its Root Causes, And Simple, But Highly Effective Analysis
- A Spatial Filtering Localisation Tool for Failure Analysis of Periodic Circuits
- New Manifestation of Electrical Overstress in Advanced Device Technologies
- Session 5: Backside 1
- Implementing Thermal Laser Stimulation in a Failure Analysis Laboratory
- Calibration Technique for MCT FPA used for Backside Emission Microsopy
- Liquid Immersion Objective for High-Resolution Optical Probing of Advanced
- New Signal Detection Methods for Thermal Beam Induced Phenomenon
- CNC Milling and Polishing Techniques for Backside Sample Preparation
- Session 6: SPM
- Characterization of MOS Devices by Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
- Contactless Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits Via Current Contrast Imaging
with Magnetic Force Microscopy
- Multiple Probe Deep Sub-Micron Electrical Measurements Using Leading Edge
Micro-Machined Scanning Probes
- Electrical Characterization of Circuits with Low K Dielectric Films and Copper
- Session 7: Backside 2
- Emission Microscopy and Thermal Laser Stimulation for Backside Failure
- CMOS Front-End Investigation over Large Areas by Deprocessing from the Back
- New Techniques for the Identification of Defects in Multi-Layer Flip-Chip
- Session 8: Case Histories 1
- Board Level Failure Analysis of Chip Scale Packages
- IC Failure by Electrical Overstress (EOS)
- The Search for the Elusive EOS Monster
- Session 9: FIB
- Effect of Ga Staining due to FIB Editing on IR Imaging of Flip Chips
- Water Vapor Enhancement for Elemental Analysis Using Focused Ion Beam
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (FIB-SIMS)
- Various Focused Ion Beam Microsurgery Techniques in Dealing with Copper
Metalization in ICs
- Reliability of Bipolar and MOS Circuits After FIB Modification
- Mass Production Cross-Section Tem Samples by Focus Ion Beam Masking and
Reactive Ion Etching
- Session 10: Case Histories 2
- A Successful Failure Analysis Using Front and Backside Fault Localization
Techniques on a Deep Sub-Micron CMOS Device
- Use of STEM in Nanometer Level Defect Analysis of SRAM Devices
- A New Deprocessing Technique By Selective Wet-Etch Of Passivation And Inter
Metal Dielectric Layers For Submicron Devices
- SRAM Failure Analysis Flow
- Physical Failure Analysis on Vertical Dielectric Films
- Session 11: MEMS
- Design for Reliability of MEMS/MOEMS for Lightwave Telecommunications
- Mechanical Characterization of Materials Used in MEMS
- Optical Imaging of High-Frequency Resonances and Semi-Static Deformations in

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