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Common lines and city spaces: a critical anthology of Arthur Yap

edited by Gui Weihsin (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies , 2014)


Contents :
- Acknowledgements
- About the contributors
- 1. Common lines and city spaces: introduction
- 2. The transformation of objects into things in Arthur Yap's poetry
- 3. "The same tableau, intrinsically still": Arthur Yap, poet-painter
- 4. "Go to Bedok, you bodoh": Arthur Yap's mapping of Singaporean space
- 5. On places and spaces: the possibilities of teaching Arthur Yap
- 6. Arthur Yap's ecological poetics of the daily
- 7. "Except for a word": Arthur Yap's unspoken homoeroticism
- 8. "A long way from what?": folkways and social commentary in Arthur Yap's short stories
- Index

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