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Customer service training 101 : quick and easy techniques that get great results

by Renee Evenson (American Society for Training and Development, 2005)


Busy managers and customer service instructors in charge of training their customer service employees will find powerful tools and advice in "Customer Service Training 101". This inspiring, comprehensive training manual offers readers an easy-to-implement approach for equipping their people with the skills they need to excel in this important role. This book addresses important customer service areas including: making a good first impression projecting a positive attitude developing trust, establishing rapport, and making customers feel valued confidently handling 'difficult' customers and situations interacting effectively face-to-face, and via telephone and e-mail.

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Penerbitan : New York: American Society for Training and Development, 2005
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Deskripsi Fisik: ix, 207 pages : illustration
Tautan: http://portal.igpublish.com/iglibrary/search/AMAB0000159.main.html?7
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