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Studi pengaruh hukuman mati terhadap sikap mengedarkan narkotika dan psikotropika pada narapidana (pengedar) narkotika dan psikotropika di Lapas Klas I Cipinang.

Mohamad Suhardi; Johannes Sutoyo, supervisor; Ade Erlangga Masdiana, examiner; Muhamad Mustofa, examiner (, 2006)


In Indonesia's system law, drug crimes have death sentence (capital punishment). although capital punishment had been implementing as positive law in Indonesia but the efficacy of capital punishment as instrument of criminal policy still became debatable for Indonesia's criminologist and law practitioners.

This thesis try to discover the effect of capital punishment toward prisoner's attitude to drug trading in Cipinang Prison. The basic theory as analyze in this research is deterrent theory from classical thinker Cecare Becaria and developed by modem thinker such as : Jhos Andenaes, Zimring and Hawkins, William Cambliss and etc.

Research method applied in this thesis is survey quantitative approach. Population and sampling is drug prisoners (drug trader)in Cipinang Prison.

The correlations and regressions analyze concludes R value= 0.925, determinant coefficient R = 0.885 and regression equations Y = 2.358 =-098765 + 0.249X3 + 0.707X4. from the analyze above we conclude that penalty would generally affect to learnt to the convicts for dealing with drugs. Deterrent effect of Capital Punishment would not depends on knowledge and perceptions of penalty, nevertheless it depends on perceptions to law enforcement and fear of capital punishment.

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