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Integrative therapies in lung health and sleep / Linda Chlan, Marshall I. Hertz, editors

Chlan, Linda; Hertz, Marshall I. (Springer, 2012)


Integrative therapies in lung health and sleep provides an overview of integrative therapies to assist clinicians caring for patients with acute or chronic lung diseases and sleep disorders--emphasizing the scientific bases for these therapies; and their implementation into clinical practice. This volume focuses on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments, modalities, and practices that are integrated with conventional medical treatment and for which there is some evidence of safety and efficacy. Whole medical systems, with a specific focus on traditional Chinese medicine , are also addressed. Individual chapters are devoted to specific health conditions or illnesses, addressing the current state of the science in the four organizing CAM domains, including available information regarding benefits, risks, or safety considerations. Unique aspects of this volume are the chapters related to evaluation of the evidence base for integrative therapies, new animal model research with herbal preparations focused on the serious problem of sepsis in the ICU, guidance for counseling patients with chronic lung illnesses who may be desperate for a cure; and palliative and end-of-life care for patients with chronic lung conditions.

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