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Broken markets : a user's guide to the post-finance economy / Kevin Mellyn

(Springer, 2012)


The book therefore provides actionable information for protecting wealth and making prudent investment decisions in an economy that is nothing like the one that has sustained us for decades. As a forward-looking narrative about rapidly changing events and volatile markets and politics, Broken Markets will provide no single prediction about the future but rather describe alternative scenarios and provide the reader with signposts to watch out for in deciding which reality is actually unfolding. This book, tells you in plain language how today’s financial system threatens your livelihood and wealth, tells you why and how governments worldwide, with some notable exceptions, are taking actions likely to make things worse instead of better, explains how the leading financial institutions lost their way during the bubble years and how they can find the path back to prosperity and value to society, and tells you what life will be like in a “post-finance” economy and how you can protect your wealth.

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