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Understanding the fundamentals of the U.S. presidential election system

Alexander S. Belenky (Springer, 2012)


The book discusses how the use of some election rules embedded in the U.S. Constitution and in the presidential succession Act may cause skewed or weird election outcomes and election stalemates. The book argues that the act may not cover some rare though possible situations which the twentieth amendment authorizes congress to address. Also, the book questions the constitutionality of the national popular vote plan to introduce a direct popular presidential election de facto, without amending the constitution, and addresses the plan?s ?achilles? heel.? In particular, the book shows that the plan may violate the equal protection clause from the fourteenth amendment of the constitution. Numerical examples are provided to show that the counterintuitive claims of the NPV originators and proponents that the plan will encourage presidential candidates to ?chase? every vote in every state do not have any grounds. Finally, the book proposes a plan for improving the election system by combining at the national level the ?one state, one vote? principle, embedded in the constitution, and the ?one person, one vote? principle.

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