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The political character of the Indonesian trade union movement / Iskandar Tedjasukmana

Iskandar Tedjasukmana; (Cornell University Press, 1958)


In few Asian countries is organized labor so important an economic and political factor as in contemporary Indonesia, and in few countries of the world has it been so politicized. The trade unions now faced a new situation and new problems. Since they
had had an active part in the early struggle for independence and in the defense of the Republic. The purpose of this study is to trace and identify the ideological influences which have made fighting organizations of the Indonesian trade unions which pursue longrange political aims in addition to immediate economic gains. Special attention will be paid to Marxist and Leninist influences. To identify them, we have to refer to the
indoctrination of the trade unions in the mother-country of communism, the Soviet Union. The reference to the Chinese communist trade union movement will show the importance of the communist victory in mainland China for other Asian countries, including Indonesia. In order to deepen our understanding of the Indonesian trade union movement, it is necessary to comprehend its political character, as manifested by the relationship of the trade unions to political parties and their propensity for political action. This understanding is required to explain the attitudes of Indonesian organized labor today. An understanding of the attitudes of the trade union movement will serve to unravel the confusing complexity of current labor relations in the country, and to explain the labor policy of the Indonesian Government.

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