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Phonological structure and phonetic form / edited by Patricia A. Keating

Keating, Patricia A. (Cambridge University Press, 1994)


Phonological Structure and Phonetic Form: Papers in Laboratory Phonology III brings together work from phonology, phonetics, speech science, electrical engineering, psycho and sociolinguistics. The chapters in this book are organized in four topical sections. The first is concerned with stress and intonation; the second with syllable structure and phonological theory; the third with phonological features; and the fourth with "phonetic output." This is the third in the series Papers in Laboratory Phonology. The two previous volumes, like the conferences from which they were derived, have been influential in establishing Laboratory Phonology as a discipline in its own right. Phonological Structure and Phonetic Form will be equally important in making readers aware of the range of research relevant to questions of linguistic sound structure.

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