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Buku Teks :: Kembali

Fostering conceptual change with technology: Asian perspectives

Chwee Beng Lee, David Jonassen, editor (Cengage Learning, 2013)


Conceptual change is an intentional and constructive effort to bring about deep understanding, one of the most important outcomes of learning. When fostering conceptual change with technology, learning is meaningful, dynamic and engaging. By bringing together the work of scholars from various countries, the authors hope to bring forward their understanding of fostering conceptual change with technology. This book aims to present the current state of research on fostering conceptual change with technology in Asia-Pacific countries, where technology is fast becoming an integrated part of learning. It provides a comprehensive overview of current research practices, then examines the context of learning, learners characteristics and the role of epistemological beliefs. It also discusses the different approaches used to foster conceptual change in various countries. The final section presents possible future directions for research.

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Penerbitan : Singapore: Cengage Learning, 2013
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ISBN: [9789814424301]
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Deskripsi Fisik: xxxv, 358 pages ; 25 cm
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