UI - Tesis Open :: Kembali

UI - Tesis Open :: Kembali

Kinerja petugas pengamanan dan perilaku negatif narapidana di Lembaga Permasyarakatan Tegal = The performance of security officers and negative behaviour oflrnnates in Tegal Prison.

Hasan Basri; H. Hadiman, supervisor; Chandra Wijaya, examiner; Massaile, Hasanuddin, examiner (Sekolah Kajian Stratejik dan Global Universitas Indonesia, 2010)


This thesis discusses about the perfonmmce of security officers and negative behaviour of inmates in Tegal Prison, also the relationship in between based on that matter, the objective of this theses is to find out and ana1ize the perfonnance of security officer and inmates behaviour, also the relationship in between in Tegal Prison. This thesis uses Qualitative method with juridic managerial approach data collected through observation I serveitance, interview and documentation study. The observations carried out by direct observation of acth-ity and accasion accured in the field. Interview" carried out through the informats such as main infum1a11t namely the warden, important informant namely the inmates and security officers, also additional informant namely the officers related with the sludy, Furthermore documentation study is learning the documents such as book, journa1, codes, previous research and other ducuments related.
The result is a description about the condition accured in the field. Thus, after being analyzed by theory and interview "'ith the informants, there are conclusions about the perfonnants of security officers in Tegai Prison and the obstacles encomentered in order of improvement, the negative behaviour of inmates in Tega1 Prison and the factors why it occoured, and also symbiotic relation bel:\veen the performance of security officers and inmates behaviour.

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Penerbitan : Jakarta: Sekolah Kajian Stratejik dan Global Universitas Indonesia, 2010
Bahasa : ind
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Tipe Konten : text
Tipe Media : unmediated ; computer
Tipe Carrier : volume ; online resource
Deskripsi Fisik : xiii, 98 pages : illustration + appendix
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Lembaga Pemilik : Universitas Indonesia
Lokasi : Perpustakaan UI, Lantai 3
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