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Social factors associated with injecting drug use Jakarta Indonesia

Abdul Subor Momand; Sabarinah, supervisor; Rita Damayanti, examiner; Mondastri Korib Sudaryo, examiner; Hartati kurniadi, examiner; Riza Sarasvita, examiner (, 2011)


Objective of the study to identify Social and drug related factors associated with injecting drug use among drug users? in Jakarta.

Method the design of the study was cross sectional total respondents were 135 drug users (72 IDUs and 63 None-IDUs) personal, family Social factors, and drug related factors are included in the analysis.

Result Multivariate analysis showed that student are at low risk (AOR=0.09) of using injection than those who are working, also those whose family don?t know about his/her drug using habit are at low risk (AOR=0.07) of injection than those whose family member aware, and those who use tranquilizer as first drug are at higher risk (AOR=3.89) of using injection than who use marijuana.

Conclusion Primary prevention activities focusing on improving social conditions, controlling black market of tranquilizers and improving family knowledge and skills to detect drug use in family as early as possible would help drug users to prevent them from indulging in injecting drug use, according to this study job, family and type of drug should be considered in the designing and planning of addicts? treatment and harm reduction activities.
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