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Artikel Jurnal :: Kembali

Penelitian penyusunan program legislasi daerah (Studi Kasus di Provinsi Gorontalo)

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Local legislation program program is a mapping for the shake and priority scale for establishing local regulation implemented through needs analysis activity local law apparatus. In the explanation of article 15/2004 on legislation establishment migh be seen that program of local regulation establishment is an Instrument of Local Legislation Establishment Planning, that is sistematically arranged and integrated and it is arranged in the framework of realizing Local law Development which is syncronizes to National law. Local legislation program becomes the foundation in carying governance out whether it is for Local house of Representatives or Local Government in making a public policy. The making of Local Legislation migh be implemented if there's : change on Central Government Policy,earthquake and in emergency and change on level of community needs. Of current observation result, Province of Gorontalo in estabisishing Local Rewgualtion is mor based on current needs and umprogrammed and waits for one another between related stakeholder, moreover, Local legislation isn't estabilished yet is still a new program. Therefore, Consultation Assistance in Local Legislation Program Arrangement in Province of Gorontalo is still badly needed in order to support the Implementation of Middle and Long term Development Program.


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Majalah/Jurnal : Jurnal Administrasi Pemerintah Daerah 2 (7) 2008 : 143 - 155
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