UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

Persepsi kepuasan penumpang terhadap kualitas pelayanan di dalam pesawat (in flight service) pada PT Indonesia Air Transport, Tbk

Laily Alfunnimah; Ixora Lundia Suwaryono, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2009)


Nowadays, the airlines bussiness in indonesia has growth rapidly. Many airlines company emerge, nor charter or schedule make the competition even stronger. Every company try to give better service to each it?s customer. The high demand of transportation within society continually make each airline to escalate the quality of service that resulted satisfaction of it?s customer. The quality service of an airlines company costitute simoulteus activity between ground service and inflight service. Inflight service hold the major role in creating consumer perceive towards quality service in generally.
PT Indonesia Air Transport, Tbk, are many company that contribute in fulfilling the high demand of indonesian air transportation. With it?s background as charter flight company, therefore Indonesia Airt Transport (IAT) always undertake to increase it?s quality service, nor in safety or service. In this research, the inflight service proces that been given by Indonesia Air Transport will be discussed further more, the purpose of the research is to know the satisfactionary perception of its costumer towards inflight service given by Indonesia Air Transport (IAT).
In this research, the perception, measured based on SERVQUAL dimension (tangible, reliability, responsiveness, empathy, and assurance) based on the theory expand by Pasuraman, Zeithamal, and Berry, by using frekuent distribution and SPSS 16.00 tools.
From the result of this research, know that the majority of responden or flight passanger tend to give better perception towards inflight service given by IAT. From all the research dimension can be conclude that the average of response of each responden indicate the satisfaction behaviour. This result can be input for IAT, in the the near future Indonesia Air Transport can give mote attention and increase the quality service toward it?s consumen by taking care the safety aspect or service.


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