UI - Skripsi (Open) :: Kembali

UI - Skripsi (Open) :: Kembali

Kesesuaian antara kematangan karyawan dengan gaya kepemimpinan pada Sub Direktorat SDM PT. "X" Kantor Pusat Jakarta

Sidrati Aslamia; Muh. Azis Muslim, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2008)


Human resources are the main assets of an organization. The successful of the organization depend on the people itself. A leader have an important role to make the organization success. Human resource management sub directorate at PT ?X? head office Jakarta is the center of human resource activity. This sub directorate have the responsibility to all others sub directorate to fulfill all the employee?s need and rights. Yet, to make a strategy to win the competitive advantages and become a market leader. The problem is how the company can achieve that, if the leader can?t make an effective organization caused by the pending of some projects that have to be done based on the schedule that have set before. It means that the leader has failed to run his leadership in order to supervise his follower. In this situation, to make an effective organization a leader have to see the situation of the follower by analyze the follower?s readiness or employees?s maturity. By measuring the maturity level of employee, what kind of leadership style that was used by the leader, and how the maturity level of employee can fit with the leadership style.
According to that, writter use the theory of situasional leadership by Paul Hersey and Kenneth H. Blanchard to support the research. This theory explain that a leader have to choose a best leadership style to fit with the level of follower?s maturity. It means that, a leader can use different style of leadership with a different people. It?s all depends on the situation that an organization has faced. Nowadays, this theory becomes the most common issues in every leadership part on an organization. So that, it is important for all leaders in organization to consider their leadership style in order to make the organization more effective.The reason of this research is to explain the conformity between employee?s maturity and leadership style.
The research population is all of the HRM sub directorate at PT ?X? head office Jakarta?s permanent employees. Yet, the research sample is 52 respondents, its using purpossive sampling technique. The sampling technique was used because of the respondents?s objectivity to evaluate the leadership style and level of maturity. So that, writer use the permanent employees as respondents. The research method according to the explanation level is desciptive with quantative approach. The research data consist of primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected by spreading quesionare to the respondents, and the secondary data was collected by literature study, company?s documents, and interview with top leader in HRM sub directorate of PT ?X?. The data analyzing was using frequency distribution?s table. The level of employee?s maturity and leadership style are the result of the conformity between the theory and its practice.
Result of the research shows that generally, there?s unconformity between the level of employee?s maturity and the leadership style that the leader has used. According to the level of employee?s maturity, writer use two dimension of maturity level which are the employee?s ability and the willingness. Both dimension shows in the medium to high category or in M3 of maturity level. However, this level of maturity is appropriate if the leader used the Participating of leadership style. But, based on the research the result shows that the leader of HRM sub directorate at PT ?X? used the Selling of leadership style. It was proved by the data analyzing that this leadership style result at 628 or 81% on high category.
Based on the research result, writer recommend several suggest to the corporation: (1) in order to make an effective of organization, a leader in sub directorate HRM PT ?X? head office Jakarta should take a look at the situation and the employee?s level of maturity; (2) the leader should change his leadership style with appropiate level of employee?s maturity.

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