UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

UI - Skripsi Open :: Kembali

Persepsi karyawan terhadap pengembangan karir pada PT XYZ kantor pusat

Fenny Krisnadewi; Pantius Drahen Soeling, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2008)


Each company has to take the fact that its existence in the future depend on human resources. Without having competitive human resource a company will be decrease because of incapability to face competition. Company must to do career development to improve and increase employee?s job in order to be able to give the best contribution in pursue company?s business goals.
This research aimed to know perception of employee about career development at Head Office in PT XYZ. This research entangle 76 respondents of Head Office PT XYZ?s employees. This technique of data collecting used in this research is through spreading questionnaire, interviewing, and also literature related to this research theme. Assessment from result of the answer of questionnaire uses Likert scale which delivered frequency distribution. In this research, writer use quantitative approach.
Conclusion resulted from this research is overall the employee?s perception of career development at Head Office in PT XYZ is good. In assessment phase, employee?s perception of implementation of self assessment and succession planning is good. In direction phase, employee?s perception of implementation of job posting is good. In development phase, employee?s perception of implementation of career development is good. Thereby an improvement of career development implementation such as make workbooks, skills inventory, implement career planning workshops, improve communication between organization and employee about career development program in company and giving equal opportunity to every employee with good performance.

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