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Penyalahgunaan narkoba oleh remaja: studi terhadap pelaku di rutan Jakarta Timur

Ahmad Jazuli; Dadang Sudiadi, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2006)
The drug abuse which done by adolescence in the progress of the drugs it self has been increase and brings more anxiety for the family, society, nation and country. The adolescence abuser of drugs are constitute of the next generation who will continue the nation and the country development. They don't just come out of the high-class economical society, but they also come from the middle class to the lower economical society. In addition of the drugs abuse by adolescence doesn't go around among the city civilian only, but it is also there in the village civilian. That's way, it is so important to do some prevention and rescuing effort to the adolescence to keep them a way from the danger of drugs abuse, so there will be no lost generation because of the drugs abuse. Till the time for the adolescence are ready to be the next generation of the nation and the country development of theirs. Because the nation and the country need to have the adolescence with quality, creativity, sound of body and their sound of mind.

The examination about drugs abuse by adolescence use the qualitative examination method, which is an examination procedure that is produce descriptive data, words, writer, and behavior which can be observed from the subject. Meanwhile the kind of examination which use is the descriptive examination, it's and examination that has purpose to give a picture about a society or a particular group or a picture of a syndrome or the bonds between two symptoms or ever more. The method and the type of examination that is use to examine and to reveal the case of drugs that is marijuana and was done by a male young adolescence who was charged in guilty by the judge because of broke the law regulation number 22 of 1997 about narcotic and doing is time in the prison class II A at East Jakarta.

One of the social control theories that were spoken by Travis Hirschi that is social bonds theory, which based of four elements. Those attachment, commitment, involvement and belief are the form of tool or analysis knife which is use to analyze the case of drugs abuse by adolescence. Social bonds theories explain the stronger social bonds of some body with their social norms of society; can be avoided from the behavior deviation or delinquency. And the opposite, if the bond of society of some body is weak, than it can cause the delinquency.
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