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Evaluasi pelaksanaan kegiatan pendampingan penanggulangan penyalahgunaan napza di kelompok rehabilitasi berbasis masyarakat (RBM) Saroja Medan = Evaluate the implementation of the adjacent activities to overcome drug abuse problem in the community-based rehabilitation?s group at Saroja Medan

Mayda Wardianti; Waluyo Iman Isworo, supervisor (Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik Universitas Indonesia, 2006)


This research is done based on consideration of the needs to improve the efforts in overcoming drug abuse problems that recently have been more complex. The drug abuse problems are now happened in remote areas as well as in big city. The victims include the productive ages, such as children and teenagers. Therefore this problem should be overcome; otherwise it will threaten the continuity of this country development.
Since the Government has limitation in providing the services to overcome the drug abuse, therefore the local society has a good potency that could be developed to involve in overcoming drug abuse problems, happened in their area. The Government (Ministry of Social Affairs) develops program policy as the efforts to increase participation of the society. One of the efforts is to empower the society, such as develop a group of adjacent based on community for the drug abuser.
This activity is referring to the concepts of the program implementation evaluation, community-based rehabilitation, empowering strategy, and communication. Therefore this research is implemented towards the object of the research that has theoretical based.
The objectives of this research are:
1.To have a comprehensive picture of the implementation of the adjacent activities to overcome drug abuse problems.
2.Identifying obstacles and supports as well as implementing these activities. Hopefully, this research can generate some recommendations for RBM Saroja activity program especially, and to be able to develop community-based rehabilitation program.
The implementations of this research uses several techniques on data collection, and then it is proceed and interpreted descriptively refer to the background of the problems, concepts of this research and field observation. This research will give common description on the research field.
The result of this research show that the implementation of adjacent program for drug abusers, which has been conducting, by RBM Saroja still need the improvement in some aspects, such as: Communication, Human Resources, Funding, and Support from the Government. Most of the adjacent activities for drug abusers need capability in communication skill of RBM Saroja's human resources, since they have task to influence the drug abusers to reduce the risk of the drug abuse; they have to approach to drug abusers and their family member, they have to deliver drug prevention messages. So the RBM Saroja's have to work hard in learning those matters. Human resources of RBM Saroja are full employment, and they don't have enough lime to do social work as adjacent of drug abusers. RBM Saroja has to train special staff of adjacent to assist in reaching the hidden population. Since they have budget limitation, they implement only some of their activities to overcome drug abuse problems.
The RBM Saroja has support from the Directorate of Drug Victims Rehabilitation and Services of Ministry of Social Affairs (DiLPRSKN), such as in funding, training, and consultation. The local government, Department of Social Welfare Provincial Office needs to improve their coordination and development to RBM Saroja. RBM Saroja may involve on planning formulation and activities of overcoming drug abuse problem, which has been carrying out by the Department of Social Welfare Provincial Office.

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