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CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor study guide
Author : Cannon, David L
Call Number : 005CANC001
Publisher : Wiley
eVal: the modern way to value companies
Author : Lundholm, Russell J.
Call Number : 332LUNE002
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
Elastic waves in composite media and structures: with applications to ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation
Author : Datta, S. K
Call Number : 620DATE001
Publisher : CRC Press
Palm OS programming for dummies
Author : O`Hara, Liz.
Call Number : 005OHAP001
Publisher : IDG Books Worldwide,
Environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 : handbook of transition
Author : Haider, Syed Imtiaz
Call Number : 658HAIE001
Publisher : CRC Press
Flood risk management: research and practice
Author : Samuels, Paul
Call Number : 627SAMF001
Publisher : CRC Press
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