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The Crystal of Knowledge
 Collection Type : Multimedia (1595)
Playing between elephants : a documentary
Author : Danusiri, Aryo
Call Number : 363DANP001
Publisher : UN-HABITAT, United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Strategies for creative problem solving
Author : Fogler, H. Scott
Call Number : 153FOGS001
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Project finance in theory and practice : designing, structuring, and financing private and public projects
Author : Gatti, Stefano
Call Number : 332GATP001
Publisher : Elsevier
Sustainable urban housing in China : principles and case studies for low-energy design
Author : Glicksman, Leon R.
Call Number : 363GLIS001
Publisher : Springer
Software to accompany operations research
Author : Taha, Hamd A.
Call Number : 001TAHO001
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Simulation with Arena
Author : Kelton, David W.
Call Number : 003KELS001
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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